How Can a Shrink Label Machine Benefit Your Product?

Added Product Credibility and Brand Awareness

The machine upgrades the visual aesthetics of your product instantly and one of the strongest aspects of using a shrink label machine is that it gives the product an immediate face lift. Shrink labels shrink to 360-degree artwork and provide high impact, attention-getting graphics that are applied all way around the product. The functionality also drastically increases shelf presence and brand recognition. These are the products that can gain attention in the competitive retail market, and increased visibility is almost always seen as increased sales, regardless of the business. On one of our studies, we found consumer attention increase on products with engaging full-body graphics to up to 75% against traditional labels.

An Economical Labeling Approach

Shrink label applicators are low cost labeling technology for sure compared with other technologies. Shrink labels are in general less costly per label than other options for producing a label as they use less material and their weight is less, which may also lead to lower shipping costs. In addition, the automation included in using shrink label machines results in saving all those labor fees that go with hand-labeling and higher throughput rates so more of the products can be labeled in an effectively quick time.

Much more durable -Provides an added layer of scratch and scuff protection

Labels made from materials such as PVC or PET-G are especially tough and supply a moisture-proof as well as scuff-resistant layer. This toughness is imperative for any product that gets the stuffing knocked out of it during delivery, while suspended mid-air between warehouse racks or collides with other products along a retail shelf. Shrink Labels can also improve the security of the product by allowing for tamper evident seals, making it imperative for pharmaceutical, food & beverage products.

Support for Diverse Container Types and Lifestyles

One of its most impressive advantages is its flexible ability as a shrink label machine. The equipment is widely compatible with the shape and size of the containers being used--from curvy prints to traditional round prints. This has a number of advantages, including that businesses which provide products in a variety of different packaging types will not need multiple labeling systems. The machine is quick and easy to adjust for different label sizes or container shapes, minimizing downtime and boosting production performance.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Shrink label machines are built to be highly efficient, and depending upon the model and setup, they can produce a high volume of products an hour. More sophisticated machines can reportedly label more than 600 containers per minute. This high-speed operation is necessary to match the pace of large production environments, preventing the labeling phase from outpacing the rest of the productive outputs.

Eco-Friendly Labeling Option

Finally, in a world where environmental concerns have never been more central, a shrink label machine provides a sustainable solution for the environmentally conscious market of today. Most shrink films are recyclable and the labels are also more energy-efficient to produce than other labeling methods. Combined with the environmental benefits, this can dramatically boost a brand's desirability to eco-conscious consumers who actively choose sustainability in their purchases.

The Use Of A Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine To Enhance Your Product Display And Productivity From improved appearance to savings on costs and the environment, it is understandable as to why more and more companies are looking at ways to use this technology in their packaging steps. Acquiring a top-notch shrink label machine is not for aesthetics only — it is also a sound, strategic investment that can help you in both your bottom line and your reputation as a brand.

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