When Is Marmomac 2023?

Marmomac, the leading global event for the natural stone industry, took place in Verona, Italy, spotlighting the latest in stonework, stone design and the latest technologies in the sector. The set date of this event is 2023, and leading up to it, the excitement is all the more as preparations are underway to accommodate thousands of stone enthusiasts. Know everything about Marmomac 2023 date and much more!
Event Date and Location

Scheduled for September
The next Marmomac, edition number 53, is programmed from September 26th to September 29th, 2023. The backdrop for this yearly happening is the ancient city of Verona in Italy and which takes place at the Verona Exhibition Centre, a space well-known for its ability to house the many exhibits and the many attendees that Marmomac welcomes year on year.

Exhibitions and Innovations
Exhibitors have said there will be exhibits of the best natural stone available from quarries all over the world. The exhibition is exploring not only traditional uses of stone but also cutting-edge applications in architecture and design. Marmomac is hence the proven event for the launch of new products (over 1,600 exhibitors from more than 50 countries), a unique showcase for the Italian stone sector.
Educational Opportunities

Marmomac 2023 will follow the precedent of years past with an educational program of sessions and workshops led by professionals in the field. They provide information on new stone design trends, sustainable technologies, quarry/fabrication advancements and more. In these sessions, professionals can make the most use of the critical insights offered and can help them to keep updated in terms of knowledge and skills.

Networking Prospects

You will not see Marmomac without tens of thousands of visitors who come from all over the world and that makes, thanks to this, a very rich network of contacts. It is a bridge among stone industry suppliers, buyers and experts, serving as a platform for partnership, collaboration and mutual support. In past years, it functioned as the gateway to a multitude of international business transactions and collaborations.
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The show also includes an exhibition of stones in different forms and finishes, live demonstrations and contests in which the artisans and artists from around the world express their skills and leave their mark by modeling and shaping the stone. Live events like this not only keep everyone entertained but also educate and built an understanding for the detail and beauty of working with natural stone.
Planning Your Visit

Accommodation and Travel
Because the event is so popular, you will want to make your accommodations early From luxury hotels to backpacker accommodation, Verona caters to all budgets. The exhibition space is easily accessible from all parts of the city thanks to a well-planned transport system within the city.
Registration and Tickets

Typically registration for the show opens up some time before the actual show date, with an option for both vendors and general attendees to register. These visitors can be the first to take advantage of special offers, and their early registration allows them to register at steep discounts and access to the entire exhibition package, as well as special events open to registered visitors.

The tradition and innovation of Marmomac 2023 are key to its position as an essential appointment in the natural stone trade calendar. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the world of stone the Marmomac show presents an opportunity to stand face to face with the industry in all its glory. Save the date for Marmomac 2023 and enjoy the visit! Find out what to expect and how to take part of marmomac 2023 date for all the details.

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